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Angela Salvagno HD Video 15

Sybian time with the big beautiful Angela Salvagno, it doesn’t get much better than this. Her pretty pussy and big clit go for a fun and very naughty ride. Angela really knows how to please herself and I have no doubt this muscle Goddess will please you too! She turns up the rotation and speed until she squirts her juice all over the sex machine.–AzianiIron.com

Free Gallery: Angela Salvagno Photo Set 11

Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno blesses us with her hot body once again. She stands outside in a sexy sling suit and her muscles and veins pop! She flexes her perfect quads as she stands in her high heels. She turns around and shows us her hard ass, ripped up legs and back. She pulls the sling up her big pussy lips, then pulls it aside to show us her big clitoris. She even spreads them nice and wide so we get lots of close ups. Angela stands totally nude and continues to flex her smoking bod!

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Free Gallery: Angela Salvagno Photo Set 10

Angela Salvagno poses and models her sexy black outfit, thigh highs and boots. She flexes her hard, very strong body starting with her quads, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Her vascularity really pops out in this photo set. She pulls up her dress and shows off her sexy black panties. She bends over the pool table and her hard ass looks delicious. She continues to flex her toned back and chest. Angela pulls out her big beautiful breasts and caresses them. She shows off her sexy hard abs next. She strips off her dress and panties, it’s time she spreads her ripped up legs and plays with her vibrator, she rubs her big clit and inserts it inside her pretty pussy.

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Strong and Powerful

Your favorite muscle hottie is back again! Angela Salvagno has so much fun in this sexy photo shoot, she is strong and powerful, but so flirty too. Her ripped up legs look so amazing in her black thigh highs. She flexes her entire body starting with her biceps, triceps, chest, quads, hams, ass and back. She very slowly strips off her clothes and gives us some awesome shots of her pretty big pussy lips and huge clit. Lots more, you just have to see for yourself!–AzianiIron.com

Clit Pump Time

The beautiful brunette Angela Salvagno starts off this video talking about her sexy bulge and how big it is. When she bends down and her quads pop her big juicy lips and big clit also pop through her panties. Once she starts to rub her pussy everything just gets bigger and more sensitive, Angela loves that. She strips off her tight black dress and panties, only standing in her sexy thigh highs. It’s time for some clit pumping action to see how much bigger she can get it. It of course gets huge and she is wishing you would lick and suck it.–AzianiIron.com

Warrior Goddess

Anglea Salvagno is exactly how a Muscle Goddess should look! Not only is she sexy and beautiful, but her body is pure perfection with every single muscle on her body. She stands in her sexy costume and starts to flex her big strong body staring with her biceps, chest, abs, quads and hamstrings. She turns around showing off her toned back by doing a lot of posing and flexing. Angela pulls out her big clitoris and exposes her gorgeous pussy, then she plays with her big breasts and hard nipples. She strips naked and shows us exactly what we want to see.–AzianiIron.com

Seductive Black & Silver

Are you ready for a hot steamy video from the muscle Goddess Angela Salvagno? She is looking sexy and seductive in her black and silver lingerie, she is ready for you to worship her! She wants you to run your hands all over her big strong body not missing any parts. Tell her how you feel when she flexes her ripped up muscles. Angela strips down, gets cozy on the bed and shows how excited she is, her clit gets nice and hard as her pussy gets soaking wet. She rubs her big pussy lips and big clit until she reaches orgasm. –AzianiIron.com

Angela Salvagno Photo Set 8

Angela Salvagno looks so beautiful in her yellow dress, it not only shows off her tan but her big strong muscles. She starts to flex her ripped up biceps and quads. She pulls up her dress and exposes her big pussy lips and gigantic clitoris. She turns around and flexes her hard back and ass. Next she pulls out her big tits and squeezes her very hard nipples. She sits down and spreads her legs while she flexes even more, her veins are really popping out now. She sucks on her glass toy warming it up for her pussy. She then has some fun naughty masturbation play.–AzianiIron.com

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Angela Salvagno Photo Set 9

What is hotter than a Muscle Goddess in a sexy formal dress? Angela Salvagno looks stunning as she flexes and poses outside. She flexes her chest, biceps, quads and triceps. She then turns around and flexes her ripped up, strong back and shoulders. She pulls up her dress and exposes her matching red panties. She pulls her panties up her big pussy lips and her big clit pops out. Angela pulls out her beautiful tits and plays with them. She strips totally nude and flexes her entire body once again!–AzianiIron.com

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