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Wanda Moore Photo Set 5

Work out time with the muscle babe Wanda Moore. Her big strong muscles pop out of her sexy sports bra and tight boy shorts. She gets started off with the punching bag, pumping up her muscles and veins. She flexes and then pulls down her shorts to show how working out gets her excited, her clit grows bigger and bigger the more she hits. Wanda pulls off her bra and stands completely naked and barefoot too. (For all you feet lovers) She continues to pose her hot nakedness and ripped up body. –AzianiIron.com

Wanda Moore Photo Set 4

Muscle babe Wanda Moore is back and once again showing off her big strong muscles. She stands in a very sexy see through dress as she flexes her biceps, triceps and quads. She pulls up her dress, squats down and we get a nice shot of her pussy and big clit. She bends over and spreads her pussy lips apart. Next Wanda pulls out her big breasts and plays with them. Her body is rocking, she stands naked and flexes her incredible body. –AzianiIron.com

Wanda Moore HD Video 3

Wanda Moore takes you through her workout that she does before a show. She lifts weights and pumps up her big strong muscles and veins. She is even sweet enough to strip off her clothes and workout naked so you really get to see what’s underneath her tight gym shorts and tank top. You won’t be disappointed, Wanda has such a sexy muscular body and isn’t afraid to show it off. –AzianiIron.com

Wanda Moore Photo Set 3

Gym time with muscle babe Wanda Moore. She pumps up her muscles starting with some chest exercises. It’s nice to watch her workout in such a sexy white tank top with her hard nipples popping out. Oh and for you foot fetish guys Wanda takes some awesome shots of her sexy feet. She continues her workout when she decides to pull over her shorts and show off her big clitoris, it’s very excited and hard. She strips off her top and shorts exposing all her big strong muscles and continues to workout a little bit more nude.–AzianiIron.com

Wanda Moore HD Video 2

The cute pool boy is cleaning the pool and that gets Wanda Moore a little excited. This muscle babe is ready for some fun and naughty action. She continues to watch him through the window and caress her big strong body. She fantasizes about what she would do to him if he was inside with her. Wanda starts to strip off her bikini top and she rubs her big breasts and starts to breathe a little heavy, she is getting very turned on. Next she pulls off her shorts and exposes her wet pussy and excited, very big clitoris. It’s masturbation time, Wanda gets out her vibrator and enjoys a nice BIG O! –AzianiIron.com

Wanda Moore Photo Set 2

Bodybuilder Wanda Moore shows off her sexy muscles while sporting her Aziani Iron tank top and mini skirt. She pumps up her arms as she lifts up some weights in this outdoor photo set. She does some squats and her tiny little skirt pops up and she shows us her pretty pussy. Wanda flexes her biceps, triceps, chest, back, hams, calves and quads. She pulls off her skirt, Wanda is getting hot! She cools herself down with pouring water all over her chest, she would win a wet t-shirt contest for sure. She soaks her big breasts and then rips it off her big strong hot body. She spreads those nice legs and enjoys her vibrator inside her and he clit loves it too from the look of it, very swollen and excited. –AzianiIron.com