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Hello everyone!

How are all of my fans? Busy like I am? I have awesome films coming out for Brazzers and Penthouse as well as for this site! Filming again for the jewels jade site on the 29 then we will be launching! Ya! I have a lot of other hot porn stars on my site and have plans for more as well as hot body builders since I am a fitness girl! I will be flexing and doing muscle worship as well as domination and porn . A little of all of it for all of my fans out there. xoxoxoxo I will post a hot photo for you!

Miss everyone!

Sorry I have been working extra hard lately- getting this site up and working for Penthouse, Brazzers, live shows and modeling shoots. I have awesome stuff  coming out can”t wait for all my fans to see it! xoxoxoxo. This site should be up early November which is coming fast……..I know I have enough content for it. I will have scenes with Jessica James, Shay fox , and others!!! I will be doing not only muscle fetish but hot XXX movies as well!!!! Hope everyone joins!!!!!If you want me to make a video for you I do those so make sure you email me at!

Hello everyone!

Can’t wait till my site is up should be soon! The beginning of the Month of November should be coming! I shoot for Aziani tomorrow then my last shoot to get my site up in a week or so! Had a great shoot for Penthouse and a scene with Shay Fox that will be on my site. Hope everyone is doing great and joins so we can make this this site awsome!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry its been a while since my last post! One more shoot and my site will be up I am working really hard guys to do great content for my site- including working with the big stars out there and doing hot scenes ! As well as doing things that are more me- action shoots , super heros – gym scenes! It will be up early November can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxxo Hope you all join!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys! I was definately busy on twitter last night speaking my mind- I know its not porn sexy talk but at least you know I have a brain not just tits and ass! Its going to be a busy october- my birthday month its on the 13th! Filming again- and this should be enough to get this site up! and also I have Brazzer scenes planned! Oh and do me a favor – If you guys do go on for example Brazzers forums- and see these idiots make stupid comments about our actresses that are only human – not robots our bodies since they are female do have the occational problems etc, put them in their place ! We work hard to entertain you -its not easy these scenes so try to be repectful! Thankyou! xoxoxox